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Settling in Bali, Indonesia.

The Island of the Gods. A phrase to describe Bali that has stood the test of time, and evidenced in the  number of tourist arrivals on the island which continues to increase every year. In fact,15% of visiting  tourists decide to settle down here. Why? Because Bali provides a lifestyle choice no one can resist: the world’s most stunning beaches, excellent shopping complexes, delicious food and all the conveniences of home. If that’s not enough, your foreign currency stretches way further here, allowing you to live a comfortable lifestyle for just a few pennies of your dollar.

Settling down in  another country is not an easy step yet not impossible. There are many factors to consider when relocating, so take your time and consider these tips as a start:

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Pro Tips for Investment in Bali

You’re one week into your Bali getaway, live in a luxury villa and pay half the rent you should do in Sydney/New York/London, surf every single day, drink coconuts, eat delicious food, crazy party, drive scooter all over the island, and the last thing will be you’ve got to be thinking that “Damn, I don’t want to leave, I should live here”. Bali impresses like no other place.

Whether you’re thinking of taking up permanent residency, build a house in Bali, starting a business or looking to put some investment into this tropical paradise so you could come back anytime, we’ve got a few pro tips for you.

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